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Contact us with questions, ideas, comments and testimonies at Kathleen@NightLifeHairWrap.com

We love our products and want to be worldwide. Yes, we are setting out to be across the seven continents. Want to distribute where you are? Then let’s chat. Please email Kathleen@NightLifeHairWrap.com

Kathleen Williams Collins and NightLife Hair Wrap frequently contributes to features on Hair Care, Natural Hair, Protective Wraps, Lifestyle, and Female Entrepreneurship. Please email her at Kathleen@nightlifehairwrap.com

Social influencers today make the world go round. Interested in reviewing a wrap on your blog and/or social media account? Well, review us already. We would love to discuss it! If you have at least 5K fans and are a female-oriented social influencer with steady traffic and diverse demographic info we should chat. Email Kathleen@NightLifeHairWrap.com


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