Kathleen Collins Williams, creator and designer of The Nightlife Hair Wrap, was blessed with the idea to create a more stylish and comfortable wrap (satin bonnet/silk bonnet) after hearing plenty of jokes and disparaging comments told about the unattractive hair wraps (bonnets) that most women use. Media personalities, friends and family alike all seemed to turn their nose up at that old image of the woman in the frumpy bonnet. All jokes aside, Kathleen realized there was a desperate need for a better bed time hair maintenance product.

NightLife Hair Wraps are luxurious, soft, satiny, stay on all night and are made from quality fabrics that will last and last. NightLife Hair Wraps will take you to a whole new level of beauty sleep! Giving you and your hair the ability to relax and regroup in style.

NightLife Hair Wraps provide women with a “no worries” way to stay beautiful at all times. And Kathleen didn’t forget about the little ladies in our lives. The “LICI” and the “JOICE” wraps work wonderfully for girls ages 3-10. Our little girls love their braids, twists, coils and waves; now Moms and Dads can spend less time on the morning hair care routine and more quality family time.

Kathleen also saw the need for a wrap that would assist women in keeping their hair on point while exercising. The exercise line of wraps are made to merge fashion and function! Made of a performance fabric that wicks the moisture from your hair while exercising, the wraps “wick” the sweat away from your brow and hairline leaving smooth and soft edges.

NightLife Hair Wrap – the product that will change the way women go to bed at night and more!



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