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I have got to say, I purchased my first wrap about 8 months ago and I just purchased two more! These wraps are incredible! I don’t have to put heat to my hair or oils NOTHING! My hair has grown 3 inches and I now need the one for long hair because of the length! Keep up the good work and I will forward to my friends! Thanks Kathleen!

• Antres Finnie 4/20/2013

Well, I have had my Nightlife Hair Wrap for about two months and I could not be more pleased with what it has done for my hair! I had gotten about 5 inches of my hair cut off at the end of March and I am happy to report that I now have over 3 inches in new hair growth and that my hair is still even from the cut! I will be ordering more wraps soon and I will continue to spread the word of this great product!

• Sherry Blackburn 7/10/13

ATTN: Hairdressers, Long Weave & Lock wearers, and anyone else looking for a hair wrap that keeps your edges down and has enough room for all of your hair…..One of my ladies from The Atlanta Business Academy for Women just gave me one of her designer hair wraps and boy do I feel like a Queen wearing this….It’s not just for sleeping, I think ima head out to the store in it right now…lol…Ladies you need to get you one.

• Belinda Mays 1/9/13
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