Logo 2013Welcome to NightLife Hair Wrap! We are the home of lifestyle hair wraps for day, night, working out or looking pretty. We have you covered. We are the classy movement to end the jokes of the infamous and unattractive the hair wraps (bonnets) which most women use.

Kathleen Collins Williams, creator and designer of The Nightlife Hair Wrap, was gifted with the idea to create a more stylish, protective and comfortable wrap after a funny conversation with her hair stylist. The conversation started with concern about hair wraps and quickly leads to plenty of jokes and disparaging remarks about how they can be functional or not for both day and night. Kathleen knew she had to create an approved lifestyle accessory. From that moment in time Kathleen set out on a mission to create a line of wraps which would be a lifestyle accessory and could be worn day or night whether working out, sleeping or looking pretty. Currently, there are six styles to choose from with many in development.

NightLife Hair Wraps are versatile, built to last, and ready to take you to a new level of beauty. Release yourself from thin, ugly and to tight hair wraps. Allow yourself and your hair of a protective stylist hair wrap by NightLife Hair Wraps. Our wraps are stylish enough to wear to anywhere and everywhere whether headed to the gym, the grocery store, and even an outing

Let Nightlife Hair Wrap turn your idea of beauty sleep into the real deal!


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People are Talking About NIGHTLIFE HAIR WRAP…

  I have got to say, I purchased my first wrap about 8 months ago and I just purchased two more! These wraps are incredible! I don’t have to put heat to my hair or oils NOTHING! My hair has grown 3 inches and I now need the one for long hair because of the […]


“Its Up to You” Television Interview

Kathleen Collins Williams, CEO of NightLife Hair Wrap is interviewed by Jackie Marsh Brown on the television show “Its Up to You” taped on 10/17/14 in Atlanta, GA.